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You can have Braden speak for your community or group. While he utilizes data in several industries including professional sports, the desire is to speak on a topic that will impact more lives: Type 1 Diabetes Management. It impacts many families in the community and the education given on popular forums often times counters his findings.

The Keto Community Mission, Vision, and Values

Braden has spoken at Texas Lion’s Club on Type 1 Diabetes and has served as both President and Vice President of a local Toastmaster’s Club.

Braden Speaker One Sheet

    • Key #1
        • Understand the true challenges you face as a Type 1 Diabetic and get family and friends involved.
    • Key #2
        • A1C is only half the battle. Don’t just focus on A1C.
    • Key #3
        • Tips to improve health and reduce medical expenses.
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