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Raising a Family on Keto: How to Get Your Children to Enjoy the Keto Diet

keto family

Sticking to a diet can be difficult, especially when you are trying to get everyone in your household to follow the same diet. If you have children in your household, following a diet can be even more of a challenge.

For those who are struggling to get the family on board with the Keto diet, take a moment to review these tips. It is possible to raise a family on Keto and get your children to enjoy their healthy meals.

Is the Ketogenic Diet Safe for Children?
Before introducing the Keto diet to your entire family, you may want to know whether this diet is safe for everyone, such as children. The truth is that the Keto diet was created for children.

In the 1920s, the ketogenic diet was developed to support treatments for epilepsy in children. Doctors found that some children suffered fewer epileptic seizures while following a low-carb, high-fat diet. However, the meals were closely monitored and supervised by the doctors.

One of the reasons why some health professionals advise parents against the Keto diet for children is the fear of nutritional deficiencies. Doctors may worry that the low-carb diet limits the child’s intake of important nutrients such as vitamin D, calcium, and fiber.

When planning your meals, you can avoid the risk of nutritional deficiencies by including foods that contain high amounts of these nutrients. You can get fiber from fruits such as berries while calcium and vitamin D can be found in grass fed cheeses.

Clean Out Your Old Snacks and Junk Food
Before you start filling your pantry, cupboards, and fridge with new food, you should get rid of the old snacks and junk food. Get rid of any of the foods that may tempt you and your family from sticking with the diet.

Replace these foods with healthy Keto options. Try and lump the typical snack foods into their meals and have them avoid snacks. If the child is wanting more food in between meals, take that as a sign to up their fat content at the meals.

Get Everyone Involved in the Meal Planning
Children can be picky eaters. If you want to reduce the stress of getting your family to follow the Keto diet, you should get your children involved in planning the meals.

Explain the types of foods that you are going to eat while on this diet. Try to find meals that incorporate their favorite foods and ask them for their suggestions.

Get Your Children Involved in Food Preparation
Along with help planning the meals, you can enlist your children to help prepare the meals. Depending on the age of your children, you may want them to handle some of the simpler tasks such as mixing foods.

When children take part in cooking or preparing a meal, they are more likely to try and enjoy the meal. They saw the ingredients that were put into the meal and are often excited to taste something that they helped create.

This is even more fun for the children when it is dessert related. High fat, low carb desserts are usually enjoyable for those that aren’t even on a Keto diet. This really works well when the flavor is till there, but the carbohydrates are removed.

Introduce New Foods to Your Family Every Week
Finding healthy meals that your children will eat can be stressful. One solution is to introduce new foods to your family every week. Every time that you go shopping, purchase a fruit or vegetable that your children have not tried before.

The more fruit and vegetables that you try, the more likely you are to find a wide selection of foods that your children will really eat. You can even make a game out of it by having them guess what the new food item of the week will be.

Finding and following a diet that your whole family will enjoy is difficult. With the Keto diet, you may face additional difficulties as you need to cut out a lot of processed foods and sugary items that kids love. However, these tips may make the process a little easier.

Clear out the old snacks, find healthy replacements, and attach them to meals. Remember to get everyone involved in the process, from selecting foods to preparing meals, and introduce new foods every week.

Keto Family


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