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Keto and Electrolytes


Whether you are brand new to the Keto Diet or have been in Ketosis for a long time, electrolytes is a staple that is needed by all.

Today, The Keto Community is going to cover the three electrolytes that we have used and give further detail on the why.

Dr. Berg ElectrolytesThe best electrolytes is Dr. Berg’s Electrolyte Powder. This product has 1000mg of Potassium, which translates to 30% of the daily value. However, the body needs 4700 mg so that percentage that would equate to a little over 21% of the target. It also contains 120 mg of magnesium. This product is the best electrolyte powder available that is Keto friendly although it is not the best tasting one.

Ultima ElectrolytesThe electrolyte powder I recommend for flavor is Ultima Replinisher’s Lemonade. There is also an orange electrolyte flavor as well. This electrolyte powder is also Keto friendly and sweetened with stevia. It does not have the potassium punch of Dr. Berg’s Electrolyte Powder, but it does provide a lot of Vitamin C. One of the things that our coach likes to do is to utilize both electrolytes each day to hit daily requirements and to customize and modify as needed. He will refer to Dr. Berg as the healthy Keto electrolyte powder and the Ultima as the best flavor Keto electrolyte powder.

BodyEarthThe third electrolyte powder to recommend is the Body Earth electrolyte powder. While this one does not have all the health benefits of Dr. Berg’s electrolyte powder nor the best flavor of the Ultima Lemonade electrolyte powder, it does contain the most Zinc. Men, zinc is a mineral that will help with testosterone. ♠ Women, it will help you with your hair and nails. ♥

Additionally, the following benefits come from Zinc:

  • Assists enzymes during the catalysis of over 100 reactions
  • Helps manage the pH of the stomach, blood, and urine
  • Provides a reduction in allergies and histamines and recovery time for colds
  • Improves skin and acne
  • Wards off diarrhea
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