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It is defined as a high fat, moderate protein, and low carbohydrate diet with the purpose to get your body to run off the fuel of ketones versus glucose, state known as ketosis. The standard Keto diet will will limit to 20 net carbohydrates per day. However, at TheKetoCommunity.com, the approach is different. It is important to get the proper nutrition and to utilize data related to your metabolism, goals, body, and health in order to get the best results and support your health for the long term.
For the same reason you don't put diesel fuel in a gas engine. Take the time to read through the site's articles to get a further understanding of the benefits of a proper Keto diet. Note: not all Keto diets are the same and thus it is advisable to do your own research, consult your doctor, and to have experienced help. TheKetoCommunity.com utilizes a coach with experience using data to customize a plan for you and to educate you so that you can have your own transformation.
The two most common Keto mistakes are too much protein and not enough nutrition.
Absolutely! The goal of TheKetoCommunity.com is to help transform you in the same way The Keto Coach transformed himself. It begins with a customized diet that is data driven and utilizes Keto principles. Our Keto Coach can help you understand a diet that is customized for you.
Please utilize our contact us form and provide information on the product and why it is recommended. Please be willing to answer questions about the product if you are manufacturer. TheKetoCommunity.com will not endorse products like exogenous ketones.