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The Keto Community Mission, Vision, and Values

Braden, The Keto Community CoachBraden was diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic on the day before school started in 1993. He was told by his coach not to play football but he played football and marched in the band until he graduated from High School in 1998 as a top student with honors. This granted him the opportunity to attend a Top 10 Business Program at The University of Texas at Austin. Currently, his opportunities include applying data for sports clients in professional sports, political clients, benefiting Civil Engineers, and transforming lives through health and nutrition.

His goal is to revolutionize the status quo in Type 1 Diabetes Management. This passion comes from his own personal transformation after he left a workout in an ambulance with spiked troponin levels, an indicator of having a heart attack. Today, his Calcium CT Score is a perfect 0 while his fatty liver became healthy. He peaked at 298 pounds before focusing his research and data to his own health management and dropping over 120 pounds.

This is where Braden steps in. He has been on both sides of poor Type 1 Diabetes Management and excellent Type 1 Diabetes Management with an A1C of 5.4. Thus, he has in his heart the desire to help as many people as possible to feel strong, confident, encouraged, lively, and balanced to get the best health of their lives with a proper nutritional Keto Diet. His mantra is “Transformed Lives Transform Others.”

You are a good fit for this journey if:

  • You are looking to get started with a proper nutritional Keto Diet that is based on research, data, and improving your internal health
  • You are looking for a Keto Diet that is specifically tailored to you, your needs, weight goals, and food preferences. Nobody is the same. You are unique and special, and often what is promoted on Keto social media forums will counter what you will get taught here.
  • You are looking for personalized and customized daily menus that fit your specific macros. Braden has designed his own tool that breaks macros into 4 components and matches your food preferences to what you need for key nutritional elements and metabolism. This means you won't get some kind of one size fits all program, but the same program he utilized for himself.
  • You are currently doing Keto, but looking for analysis and guidance for what you are doing to get even better results.

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